Fabio was born in São Paulo, Brazil (1976). He studied Marketing at “Escola Superior in Propaganda e Marketing” in São Paulo and worked at the university’s TV channel as video producer and sound editor. He was the art director of the department of interactive media at “Black Maria Visual Effects” company parallel to his deejaying. He founded “Sunvibe Project” and began to organise electronic music events.

He moved to Greece and worked as a director of interactive media at “Anima Studios” in Syros and started his own music production. In 2004, he moved to the UK and worked as a visual effects and soundtrack composer at “JMS Studios” and studied music production at the “Point Black London”.

Moving back to Greece (2011), he focused to the relationship between moving image and sound, exploring new possibilities also using the internet, code animation and generative art. He produces audiovisual installations and develops generative, web art and interactive projects. His audio project “Duat”, which began as an electronic music project, is developing into an experimental reactive dialogue between sound and visual effects.

He performed with dj, vj and live sets in clubs in São Paulo, Athens, Syros, Norwich, London and participated in international festivals such as Land of Wonders Festival, Egypt (2002), Indian Spirit, Germany (2006), Fire Gathering Festival, UK (2009), Festinho Festival, UK (2009), Life Celebration Festival, Croatia (2010) , Mystic Tribe Festival, Brazil (2010), 303 Art Festival, Brazil (2010), Universo Parallelo Festival, Brazil (2011), Legalize Festival, Greece (2012), Tree of Life Festival, Turkey (2012, 2013, 2014), Trangra Festival, Bulgaria (2012 and 2013), Nature Earth Festival, Croatia (2013), Halkidiki Dance Festival, Greece (2013), Eikastikos Peripatos, Kimolos, Greece (2015).

For messages and bookings please email : [email protected]